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im one-of-a-kind; got everybody in love && i don't have to try i just do what i does (8')
Hey *awkward smile* 8]
well i guess your here to read about meeeeeeeee! (':
Im me (: some people call me "emo" "goth" or stuff but im against labels, im just me! THE END!
im the type of girl who will say shit to your face, i like to deal with my own problems and get on with my life,i dnt give up on things, when i do i get up and go for it again. that's just me!
Life? fucked up bullshyt but hell amazing <3
Love? ....fuck shyt ;P
iv always wanted to spend my life alone and independently- that's the way i role
love me? nice ;)
hate me? stp givin me a hard tym ....!!!!!
if u cant stand me? i dnt giv a shyt
im not human; im a vampire, so ....if your a human you should RUN!
If you hate/dislike/loathe pakistaniz/muslims (which i am) i think it's good if you just click on the top red "x" (: byebye! ad if you try inboxing me any racist shit i will make sure that your dead (:
I really don't care if your homo or bi, fat, big, tall or short or w.e AS LONG AS YOUR NICE 2 ME I'LL B NICE BACK. im sure iv made myself clear! (:
I LOVE coffee ... i mean i loveeeeeeeeeeee it, i would actually marry it along with hot chocolate-im weird i know :P well im a chocolate lover baby :P yeahhhaaaaaaaaaaa! O.O it drives me crazy!!
i've got my stories up on wattpad : http://wattpad.com/Deadsoul_mo

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