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I won't reveal my Movellas or real life identity so don't ask :D
Bye :)

  • DauntlessAnon
    I like it how it is, I just think the bio should allow paragraphs, there should be a different colour for the boys as it is a lot of purple which does make us look like a kid or social media site, and yes, change it back to fans, not followers, we aren't on twitter but I think that's it for me, other than that, the site has grown on me maybe the logo could go back to the original as it does now look like a site for pre-teens as well
    Movellas Compromise
    Movellas Compromis...
    I believe that the Movellas Team will not change Movellas back to the old layout due to all of the work they put in. This is a compromise I am suggesting.
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