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Hi there!
I'm KuraiSenshi *points to Japanese username above*
I'm a writer, a gamer, an otaku and I love listening to songs.
If you think that I'm even remotely interesting, don't feel shy! Leave a 'hey' on the wall if you want to chat.
If you'd like to get reviews, I'm the man for the job. Just leave a request, and I'll get cracking.

My proxies:

Favourite Quote: I'm done fitting in. I'm crazy, I'm sadistic, but at least I'm not a moron.

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    mumbled "Alright"

    5 months agoReply
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    I've been away for wayyy too long. *brushes dust of his writing skills* I think it's time I got back into the game. Also, this is for the guys, please advice on which razor to use for shaving, cause I've cut up my face quite a lot.
    5 months ago
    Welcome back! I've been away a while too and I hoping to do some more work towards my stories *cracks frail writing knuckles*

    But no I can't give advice, I don't shave my face XD
    5 months ago
    same lol but like even though i've tried to become more active it's kind of hard when u operate mostly on mobile bc the movellas app doesn't let u edit ur stories from it anymore
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    mumbled "Anyone?"

    7 months agoReply
    Up for a CC swap?
    Blue Moon: DarknessOur story begins when the protagonist wakes up in the middle of an ice-covered terrain. He has no memories, but that isn't necessarily the biggest problem.

    (Will only cater to the first three comments)
    Dragon rider fangirl
    Ascension**Winner of Replica writing Comp** In the city of Eto, the life of a noble is worth the live of ten commoners. In order to keep the world balanced, each...

    7 months ago
    I'll get it to it in another day's time ^.^
    Although, @[Dragon rider fangirl], you already gave my story a nice and lengthy review, so maybe you could review my other story, Axiom: Transcendence?
    That would be much appreciated.
    Dragon rider fangirl
    Alright, I'll get on it as soon as I can
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    mumbled "When you hate a subject so much..."

    8 months agoReply
    Dear Chemistry,
    Please suck the biggest dick dipped in nitric acid that has undergone heterolytic fission. I hope you take it up the arse, strongly bonded like the methyl group in a toluene molecule. May you rest in pieces as you get bombarded with alpha-particles until they break you apart, like hydrogenation of ethene breaks the double bond between the two carbon atoms.
    Signed sincerely,
    8 months ago
    Those are some strong words . I agree!
    8 months ago
    Your not alone .
    8 months ago
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