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I am now 15, as of today (7th February), and I am very enthusiastic about the things I love. I have a passion for english, drama, music, and textiles.

For example, I am the founder of a singing club at my school, and we are making amazing progress and performing at least once every half term. Currently, we are working on a song for Valentine's day, Sing For Me by Yellowcard. It is a beautiful song, and my group are doing it great justice. I am anticipating this Friday, (10th Feb) as it is when we are performing in front of the whole school, which consists of about 950 pupils and a lot of staff.

I also am currently taking part in a musical at school, 42nd Street, and I am in the chorus. To begin with, I was a little disheartened, but I realised I had another three years to truly shine. The performances are on the 22nd- 25th of February, and the rehearsals are going extremely well.

As for textiles, I have almost finished making a corset and skirt that my teacher has aided me in producing.

My English is probably the most important part of my life at the moment. Not only am I in the midst of reading Romeo and Juliet, I am also writing a number of my own stories and songs, and I also wish to follow Shakespeare's footsteps, and possibly writing a story or poem in Iambic Pentameter when I've studied it a little more...

A little about my daily life now:

I enjoy listening to music, reading, and I also love to draw and paint. My style of drawing is manga, and I am progressing nicely.

Thank you for taking your time and reading this.

I hope to talk to some interesting people and go to different places.

If you would like to email me and talk to me, please email me at:


Please specify you are from this site, and I will gladly have a conversation with you. :)

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    It's not easy to write songs... I wish it was, because i'm between two minds at the moment, trying to work out how to complete some songs i've got going on... Help!!!
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