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I'm not good at writing profiles so.. let's keep this short, shall we?

- I was born, raised and live in Ireland. I won't say where 'cause, you know - internet creepers and all that T_T but for those of you who may be wondering, Ireland is a very nice country - and no, not everyone drinks all the time :P

I no longer take reading requests as I am too busy.

- I write fan fiction and am a fan of the genre. However, this only extends to fan fictions about books, movies and works of fiction. I don't support or agree with writing stories about real people. Which is why I won't take read for read requests about those stories so - sorry 1D fanfiction writers ):

- The Dark Knight is my favourite movie (at the moment, it always changes)...

- The Joker Blogs are the BEST fan made web series out there. This is a fact and should not be debated.

- I have a crush on the Once-ler from the 2012 movie, The Lorax.

- I was originally on Movella's with a story entitled Devil with the Angel's Eyes. That has since gotten an overhaul and is now called "Tainted Perfection" and will be posted here.

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