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    I will fucking murder you in your sleep should you abandon this. It's SO awesome! I'm joking about the first part... or AM I? *cue dramatic symphony*
    My darkest desire
    My darkest desire
    3 years ago
    Ok then. I won't abandon my story then
    Dark Magician Nerd
    I'm sorry, I just get so anxious when I read a good story that's not complete. Too many people abandon their stories.
    I, personally, no matter how much time it takes, will only abandon my stories when I'm dead; like CS Lewis was forced to do with Narnia due to his untimely demise.
    In fact, if anyone wants to read my shit, I'm DragonMistressOfRedemption888 on fanfiction (dot net), and darkmagiciannerd (which will hopefully change to Nerd of Dark Magix soon) on ficwad.
  • Dark Magician Nerd
    Damn, cut to the chase and get to the smut!
    His - H.S
    His - H.S
    WARNING: sexual content, language, drug use, and violence will take place in this book. Nothing could've prepared me for what he would show me. The feeling and my thoughts were surreal, but in front...
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