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Astrology hoe/ Fangirl/ Foodwhore/ idek/idfwu

A wise person once told me to stop pretending I was happy. So I listened. Its better being a bitch.

¤ __ and single. No, I'm not lonely. Air is with me

¤ Books are probably my only companion. They take me to another place, another galaxy, far away from my useless life on Earth.

¤ Leigh and I believe there is Eternal Life after we die. And its not just darkness in a casket

¤ Artistic person all the way. I would own an art museum if I could. But I'm too poor

¤ Chocolates are a girl's best friend. Screw diamonds. Unless you pawn off the diamonds to buy a shitload of chocolate.

¤ Btw, I curse a lot. I'm fluent in that along with sarcasm and 32 other languages.

¤ I love to be scared shitless. Horror flicks from the creators of Unfriended are especially my favorite.

¤ Sweets, junk, and anything bad for me is my absolute favorite!!!

¤ I'm asexual meaning I only do myself! And its not masturbation technically. Go look it up.

¤ Without my phone, I'd go suicidal

¤ Art is my life.

¤Music is the only thing I look forward to in life.

And that's all...

But before I go, the dress is black and blue.

"I want for you to feel the same way back. To laugh at my incredibly corny jokes. To make me your shoulder to cry on. To rely on me. To tell me everything. Like your deepest darkest secrets. You have so many walls built up. You barely show how you're feeling unless you want to. But if you let me, and only if you'd let me, I'd like to help tear them down." ~ Hunter Grey

If I throw a stick, will you leave?

  • Dajana

    mumbled "In exactly three hours is when all my crap load of competitions and recitals start"

    3 years agoReply
    MY SCHEDUAL (For all you Rper's who think I ditched you when it comes that time)

    1. Dance recital
    2.Another dance recital
    3. Kick boxing tournament
    4. Dance competition
    5. Karate tournament
    6.Lacrosse tournament (FOR GOLD OMFG)
    7. Soccer tournament (FOR SILVER BKJFBVK)
    8.Softball game

    That's it for TODAY. Tomorrow there will be more but I guess I'll be a nice person and let you all know whats happening tomorrow... e.e
    3 years ago
    I know *groan*
    3 years ago
  • Dajana

    mumbled "Stuck *groan*"

    3 years agoReply
    I'm stuck on how and what to write for the first chapter of WITS. Help?
    3 years ago
    How do I do that? O.o
    3 years ago
    Okay :) Just please don't like, idk, do something untrustworthy? I'll do it rn though :) I'll probably only need you for a chapter or so :)
    3 years ago
    Thank you :)
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