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  • dapooh
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    hello there im new here well............. acually im not i made a new account cuz u changed your fanfic to 16+ not that im not 16 but i am and they wont let me read it cuz im not over 16 so can you change it back ? thanks
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    Dark [Niall Horan...
    Maybe it's all a joke, a prank. No one would genuinely like me this much to keep trying--to keep chasing after me, day after day. No one would hurt me the way he does. No one would ever like me the...
    5 years ago
    yea, can u please change it? im 17 and it still says im to young. :(
    k hemmo
    5 years ago
    i don't want people to report me for inappropriate content when it comes if I set it to green, so i can't. i'm so sorry you can't read it. i feel so bad. i just can't change it, i'll get it removed. See if you can use it on a mobile device. That always works :) I love you :) Xo
    5 years ago
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    thanks =)
  • dapooh
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    hello there im new well acually im not cuz in my old account i was 16 and apparenty i cant read these meterials cuz im not over 16 so can you plz change it back to so i can read it in my old account ?thanks
    Cannonball (Sequel to So Close Yet So Far)
    Cannonball (Sequel...
    But love conquers all right?
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