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  • dannyxxxs
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    please help how do u set a profile up? and also how do u write a story I'm new and I'm stuck I hope u can help
    The Surfer girl and her Rockstar Brother
    The Surfer girl...
    Charlie is an average girl, but there's one thing... her parents had split up when she was 8 and her Dad took her with him. He took her from her life, her home town, friends and family. Her brother had...
    3 years ago
    Sure, so do you know how to edit your profile by pressing that pen/ pencil when you go on your profile?
    3 years ago
    When you write a story you go on write then press new, it should come up with a movella. Then when you go on that type your title, the blurb is what your story is going to be about. Green is where you choose the (forgot the word XD) where you choose the sought of age group thing, add chapter by pressing the plus thing and you can choose a picture for it by pressing the actual movella. Hope that helped and if I missed anything out just remind me XD ��
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