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Laurens Virsion:
Hey! My name is Lauren and this is a shared account with my best friend Dani. :) We are sisters so yes, she is my bestie for lifeee. (Twin telepathy)
We both love One Direction and my favorite would have to be Nialler :)
I love to sing and write stories. We both write songs also! (We might not be completely talented but we try ;3 )
Dani's version:
My nigga took the laptop anywho, Hai guys! My names Dani and i'm stuck with this geek but we are so close so it doesn't matter. I love to talk to anyone and I'm uber outgoing ;3 I love to read, write and sing even though people might get annoyed but they can kiss my... Nevermind.
My favorite 1D boy would have to be Liam and my favorite color is blueeee. :) Welp I have to share this account

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