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    Hi! I have a load of weird dreams, but this is the one that springs to mind first.

    I really don't know the time… maybe around the middle of my sleep- so 3:30-5:00? But I've had it more than once. I think around the middle of what I go to sleep to when I wake up though.

    I think nightmare. It's kind of creepy, but it didn't really terrify me.

    Creepy barbie dolls- I have just realised why this dream came to my mind to start with.-
    Creepy barbie dolls-, white, searching for protection with others.


    Terror, anxiety, desire for safety or getting out.

    Shadowy figures (neutral), creepy barbie dolls- (evil. Malevolent.)

    White corridors, window to outside world (safety), one white room, soap. (Stuff from a bottle kind)

    My body, which is unusual as usually I'm looking down at myself but feeling my emotions.


    I don't know where I start of really, but then I'm running around white hallways occasionally catching a glimpse of other people, and I'm searching for a way to get outside, but I can't break things- and there's an image in my mind of the outside world, but time's running out and no one else is here anymore and then I go into a room and other people are there making weapons- or trying to- and then the doors are shut and something's going to happen and I'm trying to make a weapon and then the doors are flying open and massive, giant barbie dolls- walk in laughing, then they see us and I'm crying and they just start killing with their creepy barbie smiles and they're perfect and I can't make my weapon but I find some soap and I squirt it in a last attempt to save !myself as a barbie kills me- I WAKE UP.

    Series dream?

    And I really like this idea for a story so... Be prepared for random dreams appearing.

    Bye :3
    What Do Your Dreams Mean?
    What Do Your Dream...
    If you comment what your dream was (form in the book) I will tell you the deeper meaning. Have fun!
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    Oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh.

    If I take off my like and favourite and then re-do them do they count?
    Updaaatteee!!!!!! :p
    Moon Mistress
    Moon Mistress
    Sophia Carter should have never been born, especially not to a werewolf and a human. Laws concerning the shifters forbid any sort of interaction with humankind, destined to forever stay in the shadows...
    3 years ago
    Haha ill probably update around that time anyway I just wanted to see if it worked haha
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    Before what?

    5,4 days before what?
    Letters to you
    Letters to you
    I suppose that you'll never see this. I guess that's a good thing, Because It's kinda embarrassing. Maybe one day I'll show you, But not now...
    The Writing Girl
    3 years ago
    I know x I miss you too Becky x It's amazing here! Literally, the library is M A S S I V E! WE break up on Friday :3 Summmeeeerrrr! I can't really fangirl with anyone here either. Ooh, and there's a boy :3 He's really adorkable. But there's one issue...It doesn't matter. :/ omfg we get 9 weeks off! So excited XD How's Weald? I miss you toooooo much! xxx
    Libertied Insanity
    Lucky bitch. -.-
    Tell me more about it!! Is the librarian nice, or is there not a librarian?
    ... Lucky! I miss the days when I had such long holidays! But do you have Saturday school? Otherwise you're literally the most special person tpin the entire world ;)

    Sad. Not being able to fangirl at school is a crime :o

    BOY!! WHERE? Problem? What? Is he enga- not single? Or gay? Or interested in someone else? YOU SHALL CONQUER HIS HEART!!! ;)

    Weald is expecting me to be more bothered about school than I actually am xD
    I'm going on the Sports Tour next summer though!
    How are your lessons going? :)

    :3 We shall meet again... ;)
    3 years ago
    Um bish please you make me sing songs to help you think about Darling Pan. If that's not fangirling i dont know what is.
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