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    "The Man with the Blue Box"

    Hey guys!!!!!! There's 54 of you guys now!!!! OMG thanks so much!!! I was wondering if you guys could check out my new Doctor Who fanfic "The Man with the Blue Box". I've entered it into the new Doctor Who competition that's running from today to the 30th (which is ironically the day I'm going to fan expo.... :) )!!!! So, If you guys could check out that and "The Lonely Man".... thanks guys! And sorry for asking you guys of it, but I really want to win first or second place because I think that this Movella may actually have a shot at winning.......

    Thanks, Keep reading and stay awesome!! :-) :-* <3
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    "The Lonely Man"

    HEY GUYS!!!!!!!!!! I was wondering if you could do me a favour... Check out "The Lonely Man" please!!!!!!!!! It would mean a lot to me and it is a Doctor Who fanfic. SO... check it out!

    Thanks guys!!!
    Keep reading and Stay awesome! <3 :) :-*
    Sure! Think you could check out my story in return? I'd really appreciate it!
    Youth ~A 1D Fanfiction~Lena is all work and no play... Lena, age twenty-one, just wants to graduate college and get a good job and off the sublease for the apartment, maybe even...
    yeah sure!!!! I'd love to check out the fanfic!!!!!! thanks for reading!!! :)
    thanks soo much!
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    Mid-Summer Update

    HELLOOOOOOO!!! so, down to buisness!:
    1) there are now 52 of you guys!!! WOOOOOOW!!! thanks for all of the support!!!! and hope that you guys love the stories that I post on here!
    2) "The Lonely Man", "three Stories collide" and "Back to CHB" will be updated soon!!!! if there are any other stories that you guys want me to update, I will gladly do so. just comment on this mumble/ comments to update on the stories are usually ignored b/c that's what everybody puts on every story, I promise comments on the mumbles aren't ignored they will be acknowledged and if you have an idea as to how the next chapter should go.... no idea is a bad idea!!! :-)
    3) GAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! there's only one more month of summer left! I cannot believe this!!! therefore there will be some MAJOR updates going on here!!!!!
    4) Hope you guys have been having a great summer, so have a great rest of August!

    Keep reading and stay awesome!!! :-) :D :-*
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    Summer Updates! YAY!!!!

    Hey guys!!! DOWN TO BUISNESS!!!!:
    1)Jeez, now there's 43 of you guys! Thanks so much!! If you haven't gotten the shpeel yet, WELCOME to this fan page. I'm Sara! I mainly run this page with the occasional help of my friend, Taylor. She has her own page, look her up!
    2)Looking at the Bio section of my page I really gotta update that (note to self!)
    3) Guys, I joined Wattpad!!!!!Look me up on there as well I will change the user mane for this account to the same as the other one on Wattpad so its easier to find me. ( the_ fangirl _stories but without the spaces)
    4) I am now into Sherlock..... Benedict Cumberbatch's cheekbones though, and Martin....... asdfhjkl......... enough said. : )
    5)SUMMER! Summer is almost here, which will give me a ton of time to update stuff on here and my Wattpad. So stay tuned and keep reading!

    I think that's it, but if there's anything else for you guys to know I will definitely tell you. I promise I haven't been living under a rock. I've just got a crap ton of homework I've gotta finish for exams!!! :/

    Keep Reading and Stay Awesome
    ~Sara :-) XD :-*
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    New Co-owner

    Hey guys!!! So, I have found a new co-owner!!! She's crazy about writing and has never joined a writing site before. This is her first time. Her name is Taylor, and hopefully she will post soon… she loves Ancient Greek anything and I can't wait for her to post a story!!!
    Keep Reading and Stay Awesome!!
    ~Sara <3 :-) :-*
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