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    New Co-owner

    Hey guys!!! So, I have found a new co-owner!!! She's crazy about writing and has never joined a writing site before. This is her first time. Her name is Taylor, and hopefully she will post soon… she loves Ancient Greek anything and I can't wait for her to post a story!!!
    Keep Reading and Stay Awesome!!
    ~Sara <3 :-) :-*
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    Hey guys!! So, there's now 33 of you and i wanna say thanks! U guys are awesome. Anyways, down to business. So:
    ~Olympics!! I'm really excited and can't wait. I'm rooting for the Canadian team, obviously!! lolz :)
    ~Back to Camp Half-Blood. I will be adding more chapters soon. There's a lot going on now, for me. But there will be stuff up for that story soon.
    ~Three Stories Collide. Also, for this story, there will be stuff up soon. I have about 3 chapters waiting to get published for this.
    ~Another Co-owner. I might be introducing another co-owner for the account. if she says okay. Padfoot is no longer admin-ning(?) this account. Padfoot's stories will no longer be available to read as of Sunday, February 9th. Sorry guys.

    I think I've covered everything.... :)
    Thanks for putting up with my long absence from Movellas.
    Keep Reading and Stay Awesome.
    ~Sara :-* :-D <3
    When did you delete my stories? Since when am I no longer admining? Also you stated that my stories would no longer be available on Sunday so thank you for deleting the stories that I put everything into without giving me the chance to save them.
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    The Battle of Camp-HalfBlood

    Hey Guys! so, we are now going to be playing a game. It's called "Who can find all of the Fandom references in The Battle of Camp-HalfBlood!" in the chapters that will be added, try and find how many references and to which fandoms. There will be a prize! To "enter" (i guess), comment on the story:
    - the reference
    -what fandom
    -and what chapter.

    Good Luck!!! Keep reading and Stay Awesome!!!
    -Prongs xoxo :-* :-) :-D <3
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    Battle of the Bands Competition

    Hey Guys!!!! So, for the battle of the Fandoms competition, sadly Padfoot and I can't enter the PJO fanfic.... :'( {literally bawling my eyes out right now} and so, I am gonna introduce a "Limited Time" Fanfic to the fanfic (PJO) and it will maybe become uploaded as the ending chapters or "bonus" chapters that will have nothing to do with the fanfic.... idk what we r gonna do yet... Hmmmm...

    I will try to reference the "back to camp half-blood" fanfic as much as I can. We will try and see where this takes us. Thanks and stay awesome
    ~Prongs xoxo
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    Updating time!

    Hi guys! okay..... so, I haven't mumbled for 3 weeks (which seems like forever in my books). There has been a halt on the updating of the stories because Padfoot and I have school so... (if u get my gist... :) ) yeah. I will update the PJO fanfic soon. Merlin will be updated, as well as the Teen Titans fanfic. All probably will be updated by the weekend.

    Alrightie... I think I've covered everything. Oh and HEY! to the new fans of our page. Just sayin' hi! and thanks and hope u enjoy!
    Thanks and Stay awesome,
    Prongsxoxo :-* :-) <3
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