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hi. Was originally Dancer_Directioner (Dancer_Writers).
Still owned by Sara (just me now)
Read my original stories and fan-fics. U'll like them. (hopefully)

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    mumbled "So...."

    Hi guys,

    Back To Camp Half-Blood will be finishing very soon. I know that I talked about writing a sequel to it, but I'm not really sure anymore. Anyway, sitting at 14.7k views, I've accomplished some quite amazing dreams; so thanks so much. I've started to branch out a bit. I'm on Tumblr and on Wattpad if you wanna check me out there (the username is the same).
    Considering that this is the first mumble I've posted in 5 months and I post too sporadically, I'm not sure that I wanna start another book with regular updates. I'm not saying that I'm getting bored of this, God no. I love writing, with this being probably one of the best things that's ever happened to me. I mean I'm working right now (and this time I have wifi for the summer) and I'm going into University in the fall, so it's been one hectic thing after another and writing has been put on the back burner for about forever and a half.
    So sorry for not updating and I'll try to actually finish the book before it's 4 year anniversary on this website.

    Remember, Keep Reading and Stay Awesome!
    ~Sara : )
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    mumbled "Good God, I haven't been on in forever"

    So school is a thing and so is life apparently... Ill try and finish Back To Camp Half-Blood, if I can... I don't know anymore. I'll try.

    Keep Reading and Stay Awesome
    ~Sara =]
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    mumbled "Update of sorts....."

    Hello people of the internet,

    Yes I am still alive. I finished my work so I should have wifi for a while before school starts. I just wanted to say thank you so much for getting "Back to Camp Half-Blood" to 12.1k! I came back for a change over and I saw it and cried tears of pure happiness. It felt like rainbows and unicorns. Also, thank you guys for getting so much publicity on "Five Stories Collide". I'm soooo sorry that I haven't updated in a loooong time, but I definitely will in the near future.

    Thanks again!
    ~Sara =]
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    mumbled "Ummmm Hi. "

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    I PROMISE I AM NOT DYING AGAIN. so I wont be able to update for a while cuz exams and summatives and culminatings and then I have to work this summer and the place is WIFILESS...... eugh.... anyway. I shall leave some juicy reading for your lovely souls before I leave... Okay? sound like a plan?? Good.

    Thanks for sticking with me in my non-updating-like-I-used-to phase
    ~Sara =]
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    So, Apparently I haven't been active for like 4 months...... I am legitt so sorry. I shall give you guys an update I guess.....
    1)I am almost done "Back to Camp Half-Blood". It was a great run and I thank you guys for every thing.
    2) there are 58 of you OH MY JEEZ WHERE DID THAT COME FROM!?
    3) I have recently started watching Supernatural, for those of you who are fans..... :-)
    4) I AM OFFICIALLY ON TUMBLR. I have a personal account ( the-fangirl-stories ) which is me in all of my geeky and nerdy glory as well as a writing account that I share with a couple really good friends of mine ( imagines-of-the-fandoms )..... That's only if you wanna check me/ us out.
    Anyway, thanks again sooooo much guys!!!
    Keep Reading and Stay Awesome!!! :-) :-* <3
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