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Hi guys my name is fresta and I love one direction ALMOST as much as I love music and dance! I take dance and my favourite colour is purple. My favourite artists are drake, nicki Minaj, rianna, Chris brown, demi lovato etc. But my favourite band is one direction!!!! I am 13 years old and I love writing and reading!! ��❤��❤��

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    This is an amazing book! I love the whole idea of the story and can't wait to see what will happen next! Even though there is a few mistakes I can still understand the book!! Keep the good work up! I would really like to tell you to update but you just recently updated and I wouldn't want to be rude haha lol
    Lauren is being beaten up by her mother when she does anything against her rules. In school, her life isn't any different. A biology experiment was coming up and every student in her class will get paired...
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    I know about the mistakes.. Im too lazy to go back and fix them ... sometimes im kinda lazy so I just go on and write without corrections .. thank u so so much tho
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    I love the story! Except I would reccomend for you to change your profile picture because it kind of gives away who Alexa is going to pick.. Jus'sayin
    4 years ago
    Well, you don't really know what is going to happen, so I'm not changing it because someone thinks something is going to happen. Maybe Alexis and Niall are related? Maybe Alexis and Niall turn out to hate each other? Maybe Alexis and Niall are secret spies who end out killing the rest of the band? You don't know what's going to happen, so yeah. Thanks for loving the story and sorry dor my mini rant :)
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    Update and keep up the good work!!
    Being a Nerdy Nobody is not the most exciting thing to happen. My dad is always drunk and my mum Died at my birth. My dream is to make it big as a singer. I write songs about my life and I have A friend,...
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    Marilyn, green eyes, curly brown hair with purple streaks, Harry please
    One Direction Imagines!
    One Direction Imag...
    This story isn't exactly going to be a story. This book is a complete set of imagines! If you want an imagine written about you, just write in the comments your whole name, your eye color, your hair color,...
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    What is your dance studio? You sound familiar!
    Dancing In Studio B.
    Dancing In Studio...
    Sophie was just a regular girl in her dance class with her best friend Lucy. Until she finds out one direction needs some one-on-one coaching, nothing big though, but will one of the boys fall head of...
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