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I like Breathing :D I like One Direction..I am a Performer..I used to be bullied so I know how it feels..If anyone ever needs to talk I'm here..also email me too

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    Can't wait till next update, Amazayn love. <3
    Last Kiss-Louis Tomlinson Love Story
    Last Kiss-Louis...
    What happens when the freshly new UK xfactor winner, Melissa Sandercock, falls for the famous Louis Tomlinson from the famous boy band sensation, One Direction, even more than just a normal Directioner...
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    I LOVE THIS STORY..!!!!!! <3 <3
    Magic (A Louis Tomlinson Love Story)
    Magic (A Louis Tom...
    Carder is a normal girl who went a party that changed her life. She met a boy who is really into her but she relizes she likes him to. She denizes it every time she's asked. What happens when his 'best...
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    Loving the sequel Can't wait till the next update..!!! :D
    I Love You (Sequel to My Bully's)
    I Love You (Sequel...
    You all remeber Emerson right? Well she's back! She has graduated from Dublin University and made some new friends. What will happen when the boys show up at her graduation. What will they do?
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    Awesome story..!!!!!!!!!! <3 (:
    My Bully's (One Direction Love Story)
    My Bully's (One...
    My name is Emerson Phillips, life long friend of Louis Tomlinson, till he went to the X factor. I moved in with him at the age 13 because my mom was always on buissness. After the X factor he came home...
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    Anytime...this is amazing you are awesome at writting this story...c:
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    Oh my goodness this is an amazayn series..I love it...!!!! <3 <3
    This Love Lasts an Eternity
    This Love Lasts...
    Credit for story ideas: xDesigner13 Tell her thank you for all the help!!! Well, as you all know I'm awful at bios... Uh, this will be the same exact story so read away! <3
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