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  • Dan Hershbein

    mumbled "Another year"

    I must say I am glad to see the back of 2012! It was an all round terrible year for us, but without going on about what happened last year I am looking to the future and the hope it will all be better. I am aiming high this year and want to do really well in some new ventures. I will explain more in future blogs. Just for now I am enjoying the time I am getting with my family now the busy Xmas period is over. This is to be a positive blog for once and not just a chance to rant. I have now started on my podcast and have put an advert up for someone to help me do it as well. The other venture is still there but will take a back seat until. Later in the year when I can get some time to focus on it and get some money for it. Anyway it is Friday 4th jan and I have just wasted 2days off by doing nothing of note, the only thing we did was go and see the hanham players in the pantomime (jack and the beanstalk). It was good fun and although I was settling Noah (my 1yo) most of the time I didn't miss any, my eldest Harrison loved it and I can see him doing something like that in the future. It is far to rare that we get out as a family these days and we need to do it more often really! We didn't get home until gone 10 and the kids were still up fuelled on adrenaline and sweets, as we were both falling asleep. I am back to work in the morning so off to bed I go. Night night
  • Dan Hershbein

    mumbled "Everyday stuff"

    today was a stuggle,tired and not feeling right still. But thats enough moaning, i have a week off to recover and want to do the most i can to enjoy it.
    my idea of becoming a clown/childrens entertainer has been met with good comments from all i have told, even having some interest in bookings for a few of harrisons friends. this could be a really good change for me, giving me something to focus on doing could help me out a lot.
    also clodaghs cakes are taking off and now it looks like she will set up her own company and do it properly. i am working as a shop manager in bristol and it is a very scary time at the moment! i have been in retail for 16 years and have never seen it this bad, the shopping centre is looking emptier than ever with 2 more closures over the last week, i am lucky to have a job, i know that and feel awful for those not so lucky that have lost theres recently as so many have.
    this is going take a very long time to recover as the empty shops indicate, but hopefully we are at or close to the bottom so we can start to climb out of this sooner rather than later. although i cant see this looking normal again until 7-8 years from now.
    yay look forward to another cheery blog tomorrow. i will try and brighten it up as i go on, but i see this a form of theropy so it might be a bit gloomy to start!
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