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Hi everyone I'm S. C. Fox...also known as Damned_until_the_End (obviously...*roles eyes*).

(Just so you know my last name IS Fox and my first and middle names are none of your fucking business *smiles like a 'high functioning sociopath with your phone number'*)

(....And yes I watch BBC Sherlock....)

So I'm not a tearjerker for A LOT of things....like when people die in books and movies, or the guy doesn't get the girl, and one of them ends up with cancer...It seems as if it is a sick imitation on the wellness of life; so why cry at something that's in a book or movie when you can go to a funeral or something?

I'm sorry but that's my philosophy on things...

However, I am not entirely heartless...I do cry if the situation deems it be useful of my precious tears...like I did cry for The Fault in our Stars by John Green...(who doesn't?)

Anyways I love to read and write (why would I be on Wattpad if I didn't?) I have thought of choosing writing as a career but I am not sure as of now...but I can guarantee that I will write to my fans and promote and encourage them in any way I can.

I also like quotes and may post them every once in a while...or they might appear in my stories, you never know...

Here is one of my favorites by Galileo:

"Though my soul may set in darkness, it will rise in perfect light; I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night."

Never let someone drag you into darkness. Look at the stars for guidance; look at them for the light that you seek, and then you would see that you can love them as much as Galileo did.

Love y'all

S. C. Fox

(P.S. I also have an account on wattpad.com)

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