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    what the actual hell is going on? this story goes too quickly and something like this would never happen because people don't cry every five minutes, get married within 2 weeks of a relationship, and they don't 'LOVE' someone they haven't gone out with or even gotten along with. this story needs so much work, sorry to be rude, but really.
    Ex boyfriends Bestfriend (Justin Bieber)
    Ex boyfriends Best...
    4 years ago
    soz babe but dont read it if u dont like it and also they arent married and if u read my an's i have been sick and stuff so im trying to update and when people like u dont appreciate it then dont read x
  • Dalia_Loves_Bieber
    Just Friends (Justin Bieber FanFic)
    Just Friends (Just...
    She is a dancer, He is a pop star, Bella always loved Justin, and he always had a thing for her, but there love was forbidden, dancers weren't to have any relationship with Justin other than to be 'acquaintances'...
  • Dalia_Loves_Bieber
    More please
    The Fighter
    The Fighter
    Candrah wasn't expecting any of the series of events that happened after that night. That night when she met, Justin 'One Shot' Bieber. She wasn't expecting love, but it's exactly what she got.
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