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    That was good. Loed the vocabulary
    Muggle on King's Cross station (HP)
    Muggle on King's...
    A short drabble inspired by the Harry Potter universe. Disclaimer: I do not own the Harry Potter universe (obviously), or any characters relating to it.
    6 years ago
    thanks, I'm very glad you liked it ^^
  • Dabrawler123
    Just started reading looks very good
    The Death Game
    The Death Game
    Hanna lives in a country of war. Panem. After 78 years of peace, after President Snow was killed, his granddaughter wants revenge. So she turns the country into one, big Hunger Game. She calls it The...
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    mumbled "About me (not my life story)"

    I love writing. I am 12 years old going on 13. Im also keen to be an author when i am older with loads of books published. I like reading too. My idols are lemony snicket and J.K Rowling. i have read all their books atleast 15 times each. I am top in my english class and im on this site looking for someone to get me published, its my dream
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