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Hi! I want to use this website to become a better author and learn what the people like and respect in stories. I hope you can help me in any way!

  • D.V. Lonehart
    Yeah, I love the idea too! But, I think a good idea would be to make the chapters a little longer since they're just one paragraph. But, other than that, you got me hooked and hungry for MORE! XD
    Death junior
    Death junior
    DJ never did fit in at school, probably because he was a skeleton and his dad was the Grim Reaper. Leo is a goth who moves to DJ's school. He thinks DJ is the coolest person ever. But could their friendship...
  • D.V. Lonehart
    A like from me. Really great story, love the cover, some spelling mistakes, but that happens to me, too, and they aren't so noticeable. Overall, great story. Please chek out my new story, Blowing Away. It's in the most popular.
    Being Alice
    Being Alice
    Alice in Wonderland at Alice's point of view. ENJOY!!!!!!!!! With Many thanks to Vicki for helping me make this movella a sucsess! ;-D
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    Thanks for your comment! :3
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