D.V. Lonehart

Hi! I want to use this website to become a better author and learn what the people like and respect in stories. I hope you can help me in any way!

Movellas (2)

  • Revenge


    28 Mar 12

    I wrote this on my IPad, so the auto-spell correct might put in words that I don't want. I'll try my best, though, to keep...    Read more

  • Blowing Away

    Blowing Away

    26 Mar 12

    When Lilly and her sister, Amy, are carried off by odd, winged demon-like creatures, it's up to Lilly to help them survive-and...    Read more

  • D.V. Lonehart

    Hello, world!

    I love to write, I love it passionately! It's my dream to become an author, and I hope this site will help me achieve that ultimate goal. Thank you for inspiring me, and good luck to all the authors out there!
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