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I like to exaggerate, play on what we look at day to day but don't see. I like to show how it really is, to an extreme level. There's usually a truth behind everything I write, a personal message from my own life. Read into it and see for yourself.


Nominated for Movellas Author of the Year 2012 and winner of four Movellas competitions:

A Hidden Power Competition with A Box Within. 1st Place.
Crime Competition with The Wild Ones. 1st Place.
Picture Prompt Competition with Stockholm Syndrome. 1st Place.
Vortex Competition with A Life Seen Through a Television Screen.

In the real world I am the writer of the indie film Cog Wheel Ranch, now called Carriage Girl which premiered in March at the North East Steampunk Convention.

Author of the published story Requiem, out now on the Txtr Beagle.

Like my Facebook page, and drop a message in the blog below.

I hope you enjoy my work.

  • Erica Stark Bluewater
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    Daniel, wanna collab?
    Luke J.R
    4 months ago
    @[Erica Stark Bluewater] I don't think Daniel has been on at all, lately. I'm not sure whether he has left or has just gone away for a few months. I'd like to know too.
    Luke J.R
    4 months ago
    Wait. Oh, (2 Days Ago) I don't see anything new, though.
    Wait. Is he working on stories still? (Please tell me he is going to publish another soon)
    Erica Stark Bluewater
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    I'm not sure, I see him post on Facebook occasionally XD
  • Midnight Rogue ☕️☩

    mumbled "Jumping on the bandwagon! (Stealing Deliliah's title...)"

    Reposting from @[GeorgiaT]

    I can't pick favourites... I just can't, it's like a failing I have. Can't pick favourite colours, favourite animals, not unless you like separate categories for me XD Like 'Favourite primary colour' or 'Favourite mythological animal (even then you'd have to separate the different mythologies for me)'. You can imagine what my teachers had to go through. So i'mma categories.

    Favourite people:
    @[Kyle J Durrant]
    @[Lucifer's Kiss]
    @[Enya Sanders☕️]
    @[Ahlaam Nightshade]
    @[A Child of the Madness]

    My favourite writers:
    @[Skyler Jensen]
    @[Lia is a cookie]

    Favourite family members:
    @[Crown of Shadownight]
    @[· Aldrin Shadownight ·]
    @[Kennedy Shadownight ]
    @[Shadows That Haunt You]
    @[Bex Shadownight]
    I wish I could put Thomas here XD

    @[D.B. Fairless]
    @[R K Guron]

    @[Molly Looby]
    Midnight Rogue ☕️☩
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    Aww Luke xD I had to choose five people out of 118 people I follow. I'm sure you must be on somebody's list.
    Luke J.R
    4 months ago
    @[Aunt Midnight Rogue ☕️☩] Well, I wish that was the case for me. Sadly, I don't think I see myself or anyone else I know within the lists I've seen. I'd love to be on a List, just makes me smile. (:
    Midnight Rogue ☕️☩
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    Did Kyle make one? You'd defo be on his XD
  • D.B. Fairless
    10 months agoReply
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    It was interesting, it read more like a poem than a story with all the short sentences and overuse of commas. If that was the objective then well done. Like the previous commenter said I would have enjoyed more description though. But I did enjoy it. A few spelling and grammatical errors but a simple re-read would sort that out. Liked.
    Save Me
    Save Me
    Chloe Shell hasn't had the best of life. Since, her mother dying in a car accident when she was younger, and then her fiancé running away on their wedding day. Chloe has just about given up on love. But,...
    10 months ago
    Thank you so much for it, you are a brilliant writer, so it means a lot from you. I will add more description, and in future chapters, hopefully have less spelling and grammatical errors.
  • D.B. Fairless
    10 months agoReply
    This is quite a neat idea. I like it. Whoever the lucky person is next, do enjoy.

    Infinitus MortalisI want this to be something dark, poetic in it's meaning but harsh in delivering it. I want this to feel like falling down a hill, gaining speed while...
  • D.B. Fairless

    My swan song new movella

    10 months agoReply
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    Hello again old friends, I'm back, maybe not for long, time will tell. But I've stared a new movella, Infinitus Mortalis. As you've come to expect from me it's dark, I can't say more than that because I can't really think of how to describe it that won't end up being a spoiler.

    Tell me what you think. It may well be my final story on this site.
    Luke J.R
    10 months ago
    Best Story I've read tonight <3
    D.B. Fairless
    10 months ago
    Ha thanks Luke, must have been a slow day.

    Oh and a link, because I forgot I could do that.

    Infinitus MortalisI want this to be something dark, poetic in it's meaning but harsh in delivering it. I want this to feel like falling down a hill, gaining speed while...
    Luke J.R
    10 months ago
    @[D.B. Fairless] Ha-ha. Thanks. I'll be sure to read more of the story as it progresses.
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