D.B. Fairless

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I like to exaggerate, play on what we look at day to day but don't see. I like to show how it really is, to an extreme level. There's usually a truth behind everything I write, a personal message from my own life. Read into it and see for yourself.


Nominated for Movellas Author of the Year 2012 and winner of four Movellas competitions:

A Hidden Power Competition with A Box Within. 1st Place.
Crime Competition with The Wild Ones. 1st Place.
Picture Prompt Competition with Stockholm Syndrome. 1st Place.
Vortex Competition with A Life Seen Through a Television Screen.

In the real world I am the writer of the indie film Cog Wheel Ranch, now called Carriage Girl which premiered in March at the North East Steampunk Convention.

Author of the published story Requiem, out now on the Txtr Beagle.

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I hope you enjoy my work.

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  • D.B. Fairless


    I'm giving this site two weeks, I'll stay if I see evidence of people interested in actual literature and not just fanfics. I have started a new story for while I'm here. I hope I find a reason to stay.
    That seems a bit harsh. Yes lots of people have written trash about celebrity's but your stories have at least a few hundred likes and ten times as meny reads, so lots of people must share your interest or your hunger for new interesting literature and short stories
    Luke J.RAmbass..
    @[blaclets] I can see your point. But again, it is a true fact, harsh or not.
    D.B. Fairless
    @braclets those stories were submitted two years ago, when it was a great website full of active writers. But as you see there is a clear cut off point where they just stopped. I blame the excess of fan fic competitions bringing the wrong people to this site for that.
    Aunt Midnight Rogue ☕️
    Yeah. Those fan fix comps aren't going away.
  • D.B. Fairless

    The Women in the Woods

    "Even when they laid him down, and skinned him, and emptied him out onto the soil, and showed him his heart; even then did he smile on at the faces of those he had loved. For they were beautiful."

    A small piece from my new upcoming horror. Get hyped.
    Delilah ArendeAmbass..
    That sounds terrifying
    D.B. Fairless
    Well that's the plan hopefully. I'll have the opening prologue out tomorrow or Thursday, but I'm excited with what I have so far.
    Mina Rowen ☕
    Well, this sounds gruesome. Count me in, I'll check it out as soon as you update.
    Luke J.RAmbass..
    @[D.B. Fairless] When's the next chapter for The Women In The Woods?
    Also, I've noticed a slight error in chapter one. You know the part where it says, "the women spoke."
    Shouldn't it be... "The woman spoke." - Sorry, I just got a little confused at that point D:
  • D.B. Fairless


    "How are you to imagine anything if the images are always provided for you?
    Doublethink. To deliberately believe in lies, while knowing they're false.
    Examples of this in everyday life: "Oh, I need to be pretty to be happy. I need surgery to be pretty. I need to be thin, famous, fashionable." Our young men today are being told that women are whores, bitches, things to be screwed, beaten, shit on, and shamed. This is a marketing holocaust. Twenty-fours hours a day for the rest of our lives, the powers that be are hard at work dumbing us to death.
    So to defend ourselves, and fight against assimilating this dullness into our thought processes, we must learn to read. To stimulate our own imagination, to cultivate our own consciousness, our own belief systems. We all need skills to defend, to preserve, our own minds."
  • D.B. Fairless


    I write to keep alive a time in my life that I thought worthy of putting into words. I've seen my work grow progressively darker as the memories of that time fade away. My fear is that the fiction I create will stem from a fiction of a life I believe myself to be living, and then all reality will be lost.
    Hey I started writing a book called "the mermaid project" is there anyway you could give me some feedback on it? :)
    Luke J.RAmbass..
    I'll check it out LoveMonkey (: - If you check-out my new Movella: "The West" - well it's changed now. The name that is.
    Skylar Black
    Congrats on being one of the winners of the Vortex competition
    D.B. Fairless
    Cheers for letting me know, just sort of got sprung on me.
  • D.B. Fairless

    Self promotion

    You can read the first quater of part one of my story here, called Requiem. If you like it then follow the link to purchase the full thing on the Txtr beagle and Kobo. If you want also like my Facebook page, 'D.B. Fairless writings'. Because I live off my own ego apparently.
    Erica Stark Bluewater
    I'm good with romances, I've incorporated them into every kind of Movella there is. Sure :) Should we discuss on Facebook or should I just make a blank Movella and add you?
    D.B. Fairless
    Yeah start the movella and we'll do it on there. You're going to have to help with the romance side, we need an idea for the title
    Erica Stark Bluewater
    Ahha, that's my speciality XD
    I can't wait to read this movella. Do you think you could read mine, it's called WIldfire. I really don't like asking people to read it, but sometimes that's the only way. Its fantasy and will eventually become a series. I want to get it published so any kind of feedback is welcome. Be brutal! :)
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