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    Hair) I have light brown hair down to my jaw none
    Eyes) I have brown eyes
    Name) Cynthia/ Cynthia (please don't use Cindy)
    5SOS Boy) Luke please
    Clean or Dirty) Clean please
    Events) Can it be like cuddling on the couch watching a movie or seeing The Fault In Our Stars with him. you can choose, and the other events are up to you. If you do this I would be very happy thank you.
    5 Seconds Of Summer imagines
    5 Seconds Of Summe...
    Hi my first imagines enjoy. I do dirty and clean so your choice. Leave on my wall age Hair color/length/style 5sos boy Name Dirty or clean And events Enjoy adorable baby penguins!😘😊
    I forgot to say I am 15
  • Cynthiahemmings.418
    1) Luke
    2) 8
    3) Cynthia/ Cynthia
    4) I liked it
    1D and 5SOS Dirty and Clean Imagines
    1D and 5SOS Dirty...
    Look @ Information for the details :) :P Please enjoy and share this with your friends oh and btw the heart looks sexier lit up
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