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  • Cynthiaa Medinaa
    Fight and make up c: cynthia and harry
    One Direction Imagines (Not making anymore :( sorry)
    One Direction Imag...
    Sorry guys, I am completely out of ideas. My brain is fried I apologize to all of you people who I said I was doing one for. You can still read the ones I have done.
  • Cynthiaa Medinaa
    i wanna be in it :C
    Daddy's Girl
    Daddy's Girl
    Bella and Niall have been in 'love' with each other for a year now but both been scared to tell each other. The One Direction boys tell Niall too just tell her his true feelings towards Bella but he is...
  • Cynthiaa Medinaa
    - cynthia
    - brown
    - nice
    Dancing Darcy
    Dancing Darcy
    Darcy is Harry and Megans child. Harry and Megan met wen Harry was on x-factor and they made love.But Harry leaves her just wen she finds out she's prengnant. And now she's raising a child on her own...
  • Cynthiaa Medinaa
    Hello I'm Cynthia and I would love to be a character in this amazing story so I will tell you a buy of myself , I write about life and I wanna be a lawyer , im actually pretty cool and funny and smart , I like blue and red and I do a lot of sports c: I'm an actress and singer an I songwrite
    Do you remember summer 09?
    Do you remember...
    Harry Styles was my everything. But it’s been almost 3 years when we last saw each other. Why couldn’t I move on? I heard he had already. Harry was on a band now. It was just so hard to let go. I'm 18...
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