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    I really like your writing style. The way your words flow together with the emotions. Keep up the good work...
    Through the Wire Fence
    Through the Wire...
    Edward Twine lost all of his family - seemingly from natural causes. But as he remembers an unfinished story that his Grandmother told him when he was six, he suddenly realises that not all may be how...
  • cyclopsadi

    mumbled "The New Age Writers"

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    Seriously, whenever I think of the future of literature, there's an ambivalent feeling about the current trends in the world of books. Sometimes, one comes across some shitty piece of fiction and the mind pops out "Where are today's Dickenses and Sakespeares?". Then out of the blue, a book comes and the mind ponders "No one could have thought of all this before...".

    But somewhere down the line, I believe there's a dearth of imagination in this age where new ideas are popping up everyday. specially i feel the fiction genre has received the biggest setback in the past few years. I mean, look at the scenario: except for Rowling, Dan Brown, Stephenie Meyer and a few other new arrivals, have we noticed some other blazing work of the pen of imagination?

    Readers all over the world still make a beeline for books of older, established authors like Stepehen King, Grisham, Koontz and so on. Where are our Clarkes and Asimoves hiding? As a writer, I sincerely feel the newbies should take on the mantle of writers seriously.

    There are still talents hiding behind a veil of shadows waiting to be recognized. Give the newbies a chance people, coz who knows--we might get a visionary soon who can give your soul a whole new experience: maybe another Tolkien or Crichton.....Adios, amigos!
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