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Hello, my name is Cypher (just an alias). Nice to meet each and every one of you.
I, most likely similar to you, love writing. It is a major passion of mine. I am an author-in-training. However, I not only write, but I draw as well. I am considered to be very good at both.
I write mostly fanfictions just as practice and to participate as a fan. I am in A LOT of different fandoms ranging from Sherlcok, Supernatural, and Doctor Who to Cirque Du Freak, Harry Potter, and most any anime/manga. So, if you are in a fandom that you know I am in, you have every right to sit your arse down and speak with me.

I do enter competitions for fun, I love a good writing contest. It is apart of my self training to becoming a great author.
I am completely open to making friends and talking freely. If you wish, read anything I post and comment your opinions. I would be very well appreciated.

Well, I must be off. My fandoms need me!

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    The Missing Piece
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    Cherokee Rose
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