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    Name: ashley, height: 4'5 hair: black, eyecolor: green, boys: Harry,louis, and Nial, about: Harry dicovers me he brings me home to his place all the boys become my best friends except for harry he becomes my boy friend a few months later niall and louis start liking me then they tell me and say its ok because i love harry then i tell harry and he totally alright about it then the next day we had to take a break from the boys so we got a hotel room then in that part make it dirty then at the end we go on tour with the boys and he asks me to marry him then i say yes hes so happy then we get dirty again... So basically make it dirty alot and harry always says i love you thanks
    one direction imagine
    one direction imag...
    one direction imagines! If you want a personal one just favorite this fanfiction ,post your name the boy/boys you want , your info ( your height , eye and hair color) and the story idea !!!
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