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I am just plain awesome and I like pie and cake and most of all cookies. I am a fan ( totally obsessed fan) of naruto, bleach, black butler ( Sebastian is sooo cute) inuyasha, and fairy tale. I don't have a lot of friends but I am just to awesome for them and they just have to deal with it

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    mumbled "movies"

    i went to see despicable me today and let me tell you it was amazing i am not giving any spoilers just the fact that there is a chicken that made me reference from naruto abridged. it betrays them and i said and i quote "noooo, why clucky your supposed to be a good chicken your not supposed to betray them the horror!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! D;" and if you have no idea what naruto abridged is 3 words look it up (on you tube not yahoo yahoo sucks)
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    they need to have more naruto fanfics on this site because this one is really good
    The Ice Shadow-The Chunin Exams
    The Ice Shadow-The...
    Now Akemi is no longer controlled by her father, she has finally followed her dream of participating in the Chunin Exams. However, these ninjas are tough, some with similar abilities as hers. On the other...
    5 years ago
    when is the next time your going to update the suspense is killing me
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    please update soon pwease for gaara and me *looks at you with puppy eyes*
    Falling in Fate
    Falling in Fate
    Naruto Shippuden Fan Fiction. Its about a girl named Mitsuki Uchiha. She was not always named this, but when she was forced from her old world (our world), into her new world (Naruto's world), she took...
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    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
    Aww! I will soon!
    Thank your for the comment! I love little things like this!
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    You know honestly the people that have done this to you should die in a fire or at least apologize
    Behind the Mask
    Behind the Mask
    This is my story some of you have read my stories and they aren't realistic but this is a story about how I was bullied and how I may be anorexic and how I may be close to suicidal.
    5 years ago
    Thanks but I wouldnt say that deffentaly if you are talking about my older brother if you are not then you are right
    5 years ago
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    Awesome sounds like another movella I read but completely different plot twist
    Letters To Niall Horan
    Letters To Niall...
    Dark curls underneath a green beanie, Voice as dark as the sea, Two beautiful green emerald eyes, That was the man, who had murdered me. My name Is Paige Walker, well now it's Madison Loyette. I...
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