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Hello everyone my names Crystal-Clear and I write poetry because I simply have too. It comes to me when in an inspired moment and I have to write it down or it will not leave my head! Hence why I time most of them. I have a very creative mind and would love to make a living off of my work. I'm 21 and I'm a Nanny, a synchronised swimmer, a dancer, an actress and performer. I'd love to hear feed back from my poetry, thank you!

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  • Crystal-Clear x

    mumbled "Lets Hide "

    Passion fuelled dark nights,
    Alcohol seeking meaning light.
    I yearn the skin the touch the push,
    Fill me within as you tell me to shh.

    Best friends by day lovers by night,
    Hold me close we panic the sight.
    But nobody cares as it feels so right,
    Fill me within as we carelessly fight.

    Lights flicker and glow on our sin,
    The moments we treasured now held within.
    Push me aside and cradle my head
    Look out for an audience, we're friends we said.

    Capture our passion I'll hold it to my heart,
    One day you'll be mine but for now we'll depart.
    Best friend you are keep me in your pride,
    One day you'll be mine but for now let's hide.

    Crystal Waters
    2 min
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