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I'm 14 and my favourite members in order from favourite to least in one direction is: Niall, Zayn, Louis, Liam,Harry.

I love music and reading books and I'm a big kpop fan. And yes I know WAY MORE sons than gangnem style. I'm also a b2uty for life. My bias is yoseob xx

  • Crystal Horan
    Please update soon
    Isn't She Lovey- I Want You Back
    Isn't She Lovey-...
    Teenage life ain't always the easiest for the two children on once famous Niall Horan and Isabell Horan. What come's with teenage life can haunt you in the future. bad memories could come spinning back...
  • Crystal Horan
    So good. Please update x
    Because of You
    Because of You
    Olivia never though her life would change. her abusive father keeps up his beatings every night, and every night she cries. one day she decides she's had enough. she runs away to a music studio she goes...
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