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    Its a good story Emma, but when Amber tells the girls not to let the 'walls' around their hearts down thats all she says. What I mean by that is whenever she talks to Harry about one of the girls and a member of One Direction when they start to realize they like each other she always says "Im glad he's breaking the walls around her heart." Or "They've been broken so many times it will be hard to break their walls. If I understand correctly Amber and Sarah were the two that had been broken the most, so Amber should have been just as hard to break. Also when all of the guys ask the girls out they basically do it the same way, and the girls answer the exact same way. Niall had already asked out Emily but when Amber talks to Harry she says Emily is going to ask Niall out, he was giving her time to think so if she just said "Yes, Niall I will go out with you." It wouldn't count as asking him out. Lastly, the other girls in the book are really unneeded, if the other girls weren't their the book wouldn't turn out much different. All that would really be different is the fact that the other boys have girlfriends. So the other girls in Ambers' clique are basically just extra people to fill 'space'.
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    Camp Direction *Co...
    Amber, Emily, Olivia, Delaney, and Sarah make up the girl band Dangerous. They won their way into a camp for aspiring singers and others in the music business. They are so happy to finally have they dream...
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    Like I said I do agree with Emma and all the other people who said it was a good story but those are just my opinions Directioner4Life<3
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    Hello, I feel like I need to respond to this because you took a lot of effort typing it up and all. First, are you answering a question? Because I've looked and can't find a question. Unless I'm missing something. Also, great opinions, to me they're all wrong. Maybe that's because I'm the author, but my friend read it to and voiced her opinions, and are very similar to mine. My first opinion is about being hard to break. Amber is the easiest to break, told at the end of chapter 34. She has no walls because she's given up. In turn, Sarah is the hardest because of her personality. My next opinion is about when they are asked out. Emily does ask Niall out, it's in chapter 40. Niall puts the idea out for Emily to know it's there, but Emily is the one who asks the question. Harry kind of just asks and Amber gives him a date when she will give him an answer: yes. Liam asks Olivia out, and a few days later she says yes. Delaney has her heart broken for the first time by Louis kissing another girl. He comes to her and confesses his love (both of them really confess their love). Then Louis doesn't really ask her out, just asks a question we all know the answer to. "So, you're my girlfriend now?" Lastly, Zayn says that the time to become a is closing, telling Sarah she needs to make a decision fast. She has to really think about it, but says yes because she's fallen for him helping heal her hear. I do agree that the girls all said the same thing (besides Emily's situation), but how they were asked out is different. I also think there are no characters that just fill space. They're all there for a reason, to make up the band, so they can go to the camp, and then get with One Direction. Take one out, it would be totally different. To me anyways. Thanks for your opinions, I hope you take mien into consideration. Maybe it'll change how you think.
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