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Hi, I'm Cristina! I don do creative writing but I like poetry((=

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    Requiem: Life on Verigo
    Requiem: Life on...
    Requiem is an epic trilogy, written in an autobiographical style, we get to see the world from the eyes of a street urchin called Rilley Faliin; better known as Daw'ka. In 'Life on Verigo' we learn...
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    this good
    Consigned to Oblivion
    Consigned to Obliv...
    Death. The idea of it can be terrifying, simply because death is an open door to a world of the unknown. When Alice Deimos is first faced with the concept of dying, she has no clue how to react. She feels...
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    i kinda liked the idea for this, but i felt like some of your lines were awkward. you also had multiple gramatical errors and trouble staying in the correct tense. for example, in the prologue you wrote "whether it is a fire place,or a candle, i would sit and feel the warmth tickle my face." that whole sentence sounds awkward in itself, like you're trying too hard to sound fanciful. Something like this is better- 'Whether it was a fire place or a candle, I would always sit and enjoy the welcoming feeling of the heat."
    The Craft
    The Craft
    Prologue: When I was a young girl, I would love life and the fire within it. Whether it is a fireplace, or a candle, I would always sit and enjoy the welcoming warmth wiht a smile. I can still see the...
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    thanks for the advice :) ill change it noww
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    i like it, good luck in the contest
    A Shattered Mirror
    A Shattered Mirror
    This is my entry for the Movellas "Secrets" competition! :) -Everyone has secrets. Everyone has memories. Everyone has a past. Often times, all three come back to haunt us. Seventeen-year-old Tallulah...
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    talk to him
    An Evening to Remember to Forget
    An Evening to Reme...
    A humorous true story about me and an Italian I’ll never forget, no matter how hard I try. Let me introduce myself I’m Dana, 25 year old fun loving Lithuanian living in Amsterdam. Having just completed...
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