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My story "The Roommate Dilemma" can now be found in Wattpad. I will be relocating there permanently.

Hey there! I'm a Canadian university student who has a passion for writing and reading novels. Romance is my favourite genre to write about, so many of my stories will be 99% love stories, or romantic-comedy, I do love to humour and be humoured as well. Lastly, I have a Wattpad account as well, under the username "CrimsonLIps".

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    mumbled "Relocating"

    I have come to a decision to permanently relocated to Wattpad, thus my on going story: "The Roommate Dilemma" will be posted there.

    I apologize for such short notice.
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    Loving the beginning so far! Can't wait for the next chapters as well. I'm new here and maybe you could check out my story, too? :)
    He works for six hours a day in River Island, saving for university. She knows she'll never have a decent future, and is forced to shoplift to get what she needs. When Joss gets caught stealing from River...
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    Hey! I'm new to movellas and this group is a good opportunity for someone new like myself. Please, do check out my story: "The Roommate Dilemma", it's my own original work and it's not a 1D story. :)
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    I'm new to movellas and I would greatly appreciate if people give my story a try, it's called: "The Roommate Dilemma"

    Yours Truly,
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    Hi I'm new too. Yeah I'll takeca look at your story. I always leave comments. :-)
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