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Reading is my passion. It takes me to places and enhances my imagination. I also enjoy writing my own stories. Personalizes my characters is what makes writing interesting. I especially love to read books that contain psychological traumas because they let me understand the painful experiences and the healing process between two broken people. Otherwise, war-torn romance and time-traveling stories are my top choices.

What kind of person are you?
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  • Wyverine

    mumbled "A Delightful Night"

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    The newborn baby slept in my arms as the children surrounded the living room. Loud, they played until evening after a swim in the lake. And soon, the rain came down as the clouds gathered across the blue sky. I heard no thunder but saw lightning flying behind the gray clouds. The sunset filled this place with a yellow light after the rain had ceased. Behind the glass window, the light painted the sky in a golden halo. The street lit up like an orange fire with a luminescence so beautiful it took my breath away. I'd never seen a day like this. It piqued my curiosity instead of lulling me to sleep.
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