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  • creepyemogirl
    why do you have to make wrestling ALL LOVEY DOVEY WHY WHY JUST WHY (:( )
    Hired For Ambrose (A WWE Fanfic)
    Hired For Ambrose...
    Hired For Ambrose; Dean is a professional WWE Superstar, Rumors are going around that Dean has a girlfriend within the company, Renee. Rules in the company is you can't really date within the company....
  • creepyemogirl
    is that the end or are you gonna update and how did I start reading this I hate love stories and I hate Justin beaver haha get it beaver any way I don't know how I started reading this but I at lest want to know if Vanessa is dead or not and am I heartless cause I have not cried at all threw this book it's a good written book though cause I hate love and stuff and your getting me to read it
    We cant stop, we wont stop
    We cant stop, we...
    Fame,Love,Sex and Drugs what could be better? The perfect life . Until one day. Read to find out
  • creepyemogirl
    harry potter and the cursed child sucked I thought it was gonna be a good book but It was stupid they zip throw the years fast and then there is long boring parts and I did not like it at all and I was disappointed cause I'm a huge harry potter fan but I don't know Mabby I had to high expectations
    Harry Potter Imagines
    Harry Potter Imagi...
    Sooo I've been in a Harry Potter mood since The Cursed Child(#justicefordiggory) so I wanted to do some Harry Potter imagines, so
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