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  • creepybieber98
    was tht the end?! i want more!! D:
    A Part of the Family
    A Part of the Fami...
    How would your life with the Creepypastas be? find out here! This my first fanfic ever made so don't hate - and sorry if my english suck ~The Fanfic Writer~
  • creepybieber98
    The character is so me before i started listening 2 his music! yes i still cut but i no longer attempt suicide. i love it. i cant wait to c how it ends
    Suicide Saver
    Suicide Saver
    More tears streamed down my face. This is it. I'm actually gonna do this. I'm actually gonna end my life and commit suicide. Wait. Is that another person? He's walking toward me. I have to do this now....
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