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I'm a writer who writes from the soul.
I'm always looking for co-authors so just please feel free to ask.
I'll look at your movellas and tell you if i see potential,
trust me I don't bite.

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    mumbled "New Stories Coming! "

    My cousin and I are going to try and do a Hunger Games story! Of course from the character's POV!
    Also my friend and I are going to make a romance mystery. It consists of a love triangle, so be ready!
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    Would you like to become co-authors? That'd be cool!
    Summer Paradise
    Summer Paradise
    When Emma's best friend wins tickets to the One Direction concert her friend askes Emma to go. Even though Emma isn't in love with One Direction she agrees to go. When they arrive at the concert somthing...
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    amazing, absolutely amazing!
    Are you looking for a co-author, because i'd love to help out on the story!
    Another World
    Another World
    Jess has to move to Mullingar once her Father gets laid off from his job, leaving her family with little money. She's devastated. Once she moves, she meets a sweet Irish boy named Niall. Maybe Mullingar...
    Jessica Horan :)
    5 years ago
    I wasn't looking for a co author, but you can definitely send me ideas because I would love to have some :) xx
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    update it soon! This is amazingly awesome and if you abandon it, then it won't be as good! UPDATTTE!
    Smile, You're On Camera
    Smile, You're On...
    Amelia Ferguson is a famous singer from America. She has an amazing life, the money, the fans, the fame. But when a nasty conversation between her and an ex found it's way into the media's hands, Amelia...
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