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I'm a person just like the rest of y'all.

If you think I'm strange, keep this in mind.

"I'm a little strange, I guess...but I think that everyone can find their own inner strangeness...I have managed to find mine."

  • CrazySloth
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    I think that the idea was very good, but I have a few errors to point out for you:
    -you must make sure that you put verbs in the correct tense
    -I suggest you go back through and make sure that you're using the right there, their, and they're
    -You also need to make sure that you're saying could have instead of could of
    -Just do a look through of your grammar with a peer.

    Other than those things the story is very good, but a little difficult to follow. Please write more though! The story line is very interesting and keeps me reading it.
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    5 years ago
    ThankS.Thanks for the feed bacl/
  • CrazySloth
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    I have almost finished redoing my article with PEAL. Hopefully it will be a little better.
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