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'Live fast, die young, be wild, have fun!'- Lizzy Grant.
Hope you enjoy my fics!

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    UPDATE! Cant wait for more!
    Since When Do I Have A Brother?
    Since When Do I...
    I did something I shouldn't have and I guess my mom thought it was the perfect opportunity to change my life.Oh your probably thinking That she was just taking my phone away or my car or something,Well...
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    I will be soon but I am sooooooooo busy
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    This is incredible! I loved iit, even though I don't quite like Paris, but it is so cool i didn't even care! PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE update soon! (Sorry I am a little bit hysteric, but whatever) I NEED TO READ MORE. lol! You are such a great writer!
    My Paris Secret ( a Louis Tomlinson fan fic )
    My Paris Secret...
    For march break I always wanted to go to Paris, I was always fascinated with the place. I was sight seeing then boom, it happened, I bumped into that boy from one direction. we fell in love in that short...
    wow thanks ive never been told that lol and i will try to update soon :)
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    Wow. This story seems quite interesting! :)
    My Superman
    My Superman
    Lacy gets in a car crash and loses her memory and her family. She has no Idea her age, name or grade. What happens when she moves in next to One Direction
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