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Hi, I'm Sarah and I love to read and write.

I love One Direction and Doctor Who a lot. As I love One Direction so much, I wrote my first book about them (don't care if you think that's sad). It's not perfect but it would be much appreciated if you went and read it anyway.

Music is my life. I do nothing without music. It gets me through all the toughs times and never lets me down. If I need cheering up then I turn to music to help.

I listen to everything really. Things from pop to rock. Indie to country. I don't really mind.

One Direction is my favourite and I also love Thirty Seconds to Mars and Fall Out Boy. I also like Little Mix, Olly Murs and this band which I'm sure no one has ever heard of called Paighton, not Paignton as in the place, but Paighton as in the band.

My favourite colours are blue and purple but I also love red and black. I think they look really nice together.

I read all sorts of books, from romance to horror and fantasy to fan fiction. Whatever looks good really.

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