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WanNa finD Out mY reAl nAme? WanNa kNoW ANythiNK AbOut Me?? AsK me AnD i MIGHT tell u....................if ur not a stalker................but u will never find me anyway!!!! hehehehehehehheheheheee

i am a bad writer (sniff sniff) but i LOVE reading books!! im bad at writing good descriptions and ending, trust me when i say u wouldn't wanna read my stories (cuz i wouldn't write any!!! looool)

i love chocolate, cookies, ICECREAM (YUM!), jelly beans aaaaanndd gummybears!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

i will become a fan of anyone but mainly if i like ur book, i become your fan :D
become a fan of me to! (even though i don't write stories) :p i can chat 2 new people! :D

did u actual read all this??!?!! wwoooww!! ur my new best friend!! :D

  • CrazyCupcakes
    Loolll that was funny even if it was serious, lool sorry :p
    All I wanted was a small pineapple
    All I wanted was...
    I entered this in a contest last month, called Take a Leap. Sadly, it didn't win, but I thought some of you might like it. WARNING: Contains shocking scenes of violence and pineapple abuse.
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