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I'm just a girl who enjoys writing (:

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    mumbled "I Finally Found You: Chapter 2"

    Liam wakes up to a puking Andy. He remembers about his picnic date with Katie and asks Zayn and Harry, Louis, and Niall is they could go while he searches for one of his tennis shoes. When he can't find his shoe, he tweets about losing it. Danielle Peazer answered saying she has it. Liam makes food for the picnic. Katie asks Liam is he could pick her up because her house was crowded. When Liam goes to pick Katie up, he drives to Danielle's house and tries to get his shoe. She asks who is in his car and if they could come say hi. Liam keeps trying to tell her it was just a friend, but she wanted to know that friend it was. He told her it was his date. She gets pissed and leaves. Katie asked if it was his ex and she tells him to not worry about her. They get back to Liam's house and Katie changed and did her makeup. She looked gorgeous and Liam just had to tell her.

    When they got to the park, she was so amazed how friendly and comfortable the boys and ladies were. They talked about her job and her tattoos, which helped with what they had in common. When it was time to leave, she and Liam set up another date. Liam decides to drop hints to the fans about her trough twitter.
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    mumbled "Pinky Promise: Chapter 5"

    Harry got Elise back from Niall's house and they are dripping wet. Perrie take Elise in the room to clean her up because they are going to The Funky Buddha. Zayn laughs at Harry and Elise for their drenching. The boys hear a thud and Perrie yell. They walk into the room and Perrie had fallen, She had a bruise on her leg and Elise brings her ice. They kick out the boys so they can finish getting ready. Harry dresses in a button down and Elise dresses in an elegant black dress which turns him on. Perrie wears this beautiful teal and black dress. Niall, Liam, Ed Sheeran, Louis, Eleanor, and Niall's date, Cassidy come pick them up in a Limo. They have a pre-party in the Limo and drive around the city. When they arrive at the party they dance like there's no tomorrow.
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    mumbled "My Stories!"

    Hey guys! I wanted to make this to tell you about the updates on my stories! If you don't want to read them, I'll have a brief description of what happened in the latest chapters!

    Stories: Pinky Promise; I Finally Found You
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    Hey everyone! I'm going to take a break from Pinky Promise and start a new fan fiction. It's called Finally Found You and it will be coming out tonight at midnight! I have a lot planned for Pinky Promise and I'm going to have to sort out what it coming up for it. (: Hope you guys understand (:
    Pinky Promise
    Pinky Promise
    Elise and Harry have been dating for a while and recently made it official. Harry had to go on tour right after the confirmation of their relationship. During the time, has the hate gotten to Elise? Will...
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