CrazyCatChloë xx

(formerly Clo711) I'm Chloë and I love writing (obviously as I'm on movellas :D) I'm not that good at it yet, but I do try.

I'm an unsociable kitty, who likes hiding in her bedroom, but my friends say I'm worth getting to know. Because once I let someone into my heart, I will do anything for them. But don't take their word to it, write on my blog or however you movellians socialize nowadays. Get to know me and make up your own mind.

I love Miranda (the TV show), New Tricks, Paramore, Richelle Mead and her series Bloodlines, nachos and salsa, tomato pasta and I love, love, LOVE reading.

I hope you enjoy some of my sad attemps of "what I call" writings (yes, I just quoted from Miranda) , and please give me some much needed constructive criticism.

Chao ;) xx

P.S. I am a proud "little carrot" :)



Excuse me if I'm not this website much more, if ever. I don't think my heart can take this dilemma anymore. I have a good lot of issues and I think I'm leaving for a while at least so I can try to clear my head. You've all been great. Thanks for making me feel like a part of something xxx Blah blah blah blah DRAMAQUEEN! That chapter of my life is closed, I took a good look at the girl in the mirror (no pun intended for those who read my poetry), sorted stuff in my life out and that is a closed chapter! Now, to get off my lazy arse and start writing again...


You can find me on Wattpad if you're missing me too much ;) :D The name's CrazyCatChloe98. (I gave up on that too)

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