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•wrιттιng ιѕ мy paѕѕιon•
I've been writing sense the fifth grade |I'm in ninth now| and I've always had a love for it!

I've been |Diagnosed by a doctor| depressed for 5 years now.

Nothing much but I'm a freshman haha!

Okay let's be real, I'm not a therapist so if you think I'm a good person to talk to, your wrong. I'm a 15 year old girl, if we get really close I can help but guess what, I can't do much.

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Ways you can contact me is:

•wнo aм ι?•
I am Allison Gracements, I love writing, reading, watching movies, scrolling through tumblr, and hanging with my good old Skype friends.

•тнιnĸιng oғ ѕυιcιcιde?•
When you leave this earth, you're gonna come back, so why leave now?

Find my wattpad! Same Account!

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