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Hey guys! I'm actually Amelie (4mel1e) but I joined the latest trend and created another account.
This account will be for stuff that isn't exactly "proper writing" for instance, quotes and questions. Insults and comebacks and excuses for school are exceptions.
My names Coyote, because I love coyotes! And we don't get them in the UK :( We get foxes instead which is annoying.
Btw, I wont be using this account to fav all my stories on my other account, but I have fanned myself so I can get to it easily :D
So... yeah! That's about it:D

  • Coyote
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    How did you think up this? it's stunning!
    I love the layout. I love the second para. I love all of it.
    I like how the last and first para are the same. It's fabulously written and flows like a song.
    Beautiful poetry.
    Hmm... one thing that I doesn't even deserve to be pointed out: Maybe vary the punctuation?
    Otherwise spell binding and magical, as is all of your work :D
    Dedicated very, very gratefully to Adam Gilray, who inspired this with some of his ever eloquent prose. Is death the time when one realizes the extent of their soul? Or would it be an epiphany, a realization...
  • Coyote

    mumbled "Hi! :D"

    6 years agoReply
    Well hey everybody! :D
    6 years ago
    Congrats:) And the newest trend seems to be your petition:D
    And guess what Chooochhhu FANNED ME! YAAAY!:DDD
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