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I'm a funny,smart,and spiritful little girl who loves Harry Potter,owls,and mustaches maybe more I'm very nice and friendly so we should get along fine. BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Courtney Halfgold
    name: Courtney Halfgold age: 11 wand type: 12 inches unicorn hair willow type: witch houses: Gryffindor or Ravenclaw looks: short skinny big chocolate brown eyes and long curly brown hair personality: brave, smart, funny, has a taste for adventure, and wants to try new things student.
    Welcome to Hogwarts
    Welcome to Hogwart...
    If you are a potterhead, you wished you were at Hogwarts and well now you can go. We know we said we start writing a long time ago, but we'll get this up and going asap! PLEASE APPLY, LOTS OF SPOTS...
    Hannah WandArrow
    4 years ago
    before we do anything official, do u want to pick a house?
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