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I'm Emilian, as it says under my pen name.

You can call me Emilio, however, if you want to.

I'm not a psychopath; I'm a high functioning sociopath.

Do your research.

The things I seek in life are simple:

I like Spanish, Italian, and English European (Italian, German, French etc....)

I generally understand those languages.

Reading people's emotions, hanging out with my step-family and my close friend Autunno, looking at Italian-made cars, chillin' in the shadows, writing 'til six AM; that's what I do, and more.

I'm old-school-styled about certain things.

"You do wrong, wrong will follow." (But we all do wrong just remember the end results.)

"The blood on my hands represents the lives I've taken; and the blood on my feet represents the evil I've walked in all my life."

"Think of me in the depths of your despair."
I also have to give credit to Autunno for helpin' me out with this.

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    Emilian The Great
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    Yes I'm sure, I keep drifting in and out and stuff because of the medication I'm taking. -_-

    But I got up early and stuff but I figured you would be sleeping. But yeah it's cool.

    -can't give a big reaction for reasons-
    Biscuits and Discontent
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    *pats you*
    Emilian The Great
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