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I love to write. I live for marching band. My life is the best. Learning Spanish, slowly, but surely! I appreciate any and all critiques!

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    Has anybody ordered their papella recently? I'm thinking of turning Magnificent Nobodies into one, but I don't quite know if it's worth it or not. Hardback or paperback?
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    mumbled "Daily Dose of Common Sense"

    Everyone go check out my new story called The Daily Dose of Common Sense. This will actually be more like a journal or blog than a story. It will feature everyday things that go on in my life, but with a comical twist! If you do end up trying it, PLEASE leave a comment! I'd like to know what YOU think of The Daily Dose! I want no silent readers! This is meant to be interactive!
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    I would like to read the entirety of the Vampire Diaries and would most likely buy it the second I snapped up an eReader. I think after years of living under the guise that vampires are meant to be sparkly and werewolves are meant to be wishy-washy and sentimental, this would be a breath of fresh air.
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