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I love writing stories, and I hope I can share the love of writing stories with you guys!! ;) Here is a place where you can leave positive comments :)

Hi guys ;)

by , Saturday March 25, 2017
 Hi guys ;)

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  • coolgymnastcat
    @[Mercury Chap ] I'm sure your good at it, and even if you think you aren't there is always a chance to learn more about your passion :)
    10 Things to do Over the Summer when you're Bored
    10 Things to do...
    Every get bored staying inside in hot sticky weather? Well here are ten tips so you will never get bored again.
    Mercury Chap
    2 months ago
    Aw thanks :D
    2 months ago
    @[Mercury Chap ] Np
  • coolgymnastcat

    mumbled "Just a little note.."

    I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer full of adventures! :)
    2 months ago
    By adventures I hope you mean adventures of learning in summer school....anyways, thanks hope your enjoying your summer.
    2 months ago
    Thank you, yes it can be anything fun happening over the summer. If it's summer school for you and that is fun and interesting for you then yes, of course! :)
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