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    Harry Potter

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    Imagine yourself at Hogwarts...what would happen? Write about your adventures in your house here
    5 years ago
    I once again tried making the cure for boils potion but again and again I was failing; potions isn't exactly my forte. I grabbed six snake fangs again and placed them in the mortar.
    "Please remember you must crush the fangs to a mid powder consistency before adding them to your cauldron,"
    "Yes, Professor Snape,"
    "And please do remember to heat the potion to the right temperature for the right amount of time; I wish not to clean up yet another of your explosions,"
    "I'll try Professor," I sighed, oh how I wish it was a transfiguration lesson or History of Magic lesson, I never receive anything but complements in those lessons. After crushing the fangs I carefully added six measurements to the cauldron...but what now? Luckily I heard the delightful words:Please pack away your books; an end to yet another disastrous potions lesson, thank goodness.
    Victoria Raven
    3 years ago
    Oi! You there!
    *Victoria would lean against the dungeon door, smiling*
    I heard you have problems with potions, I could help you. Potions is my forte, after all. It's in the Slytherin Blood.

    The name's Victoria, Victoria Graves, Slytherin.
    3 years ago
    *Runs to Victoria, eyes wide with excitement* Victoria! Forget potions! Do you have a date to the Ball yet? Because I do!
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    mumbled "Bored...."

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    Anyone got a recommendation for a book? Been desperate to find one that is really good but it has to be an adventure book or a book about spies?
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    This reminds me a lot of the CHERUB series...
    The Blue Angel Society
    The Blue Angel Soc...
    Dear Blue Angel Student, You Have 20 minutes to save your life. Good Luck. Your Worst Nightmare x ....
    ~Hunter Rose~
    5 years ago
    yeh its kinda spin off series
  • Coolbex
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    I am a big CHERUB and Hunger Games fan but didn't you think of the fact that only one person can win the Hunger Games and the Ethics Committee would never accept the mission plus CHERUB missions are pretty much things you would expect and not something impossible and crazy.
    Crossover - Cherub & Hunger Games
    Crossover - Cherub...
    James and Kerry are on a daring mission in America when they suddenly find themselves in a sectioned off city called the Capitol where they meet Katniss Everdeen and Peter Mallark who get them sucked into...
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