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    mumbled "Both Books Are Being Taken Down"

    Im sorry to anyone who has been reading my two books, but I am unable to continue them, I apologize more than words can describe but I have too many commitments and am also writing a few other books on the website some of you may know "Wattpad". So if you like you can check me out on there my name is "MyLittleSecret98" but again I apologize alot. I might publish my two books on there one day but until then, they will not be avaliable on here. Thank you all for understanding and I love you x
  • cookiesandcream

    Important!! Haha Xx

    Hello everyone :) Im new to this site and I thought 'Hey, why not write a book?' haha, so I did and its up! Its called 'Finding You' so if anyone would like to read a One Direction Fan fiction, please read my book! :D Thanks all ! Xxx
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