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I'm Cookie (not my real name I just like cookies) a 12 year old brit that hates her English Teacher and lessons cause he is a...never mind.
Anyway I'm kind of random so if you talk to me expect a bit of a crazy person anyway looking forward to talking to you soon so BYYEEEE!!!!!

  • cookie girly

    mumbled "HELLO"

    Thanks to Raven for getting me a few fans she is my bestie so hugs to her anyway hello to everyone hope your all having a great weekend I know I am if your not then drop a comment.
    Alex Catt
    5 years ago
    *returns hugs* Are you online yet??? You said you would be on about 20 minutes ago!
    Midnight Rogue
    5 years ago
    Thanks for fanning :3
  • cookie girly
    Should I post as I write each chapter or just write it all and then post it I would really love for some advice
    5 years ago
    Posting as you write aech chapter tends to be the best way as it gets you into the activity feed more often and readers can find a big long completed movella a bit daunting. :-D
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